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Terms and conditions & Privacy policy

This terms and conditions and privacy policy documents details how Obra Studio BV handles your information in:

Obra Studio BV is a registered company in Belgium with registered offices at Guldenvliesstraat 77, 2600 Berchem, Belgium.

T&C - Screenshot to Layout accounts

This section pertains to an account created via the Screenshot to Layout plugin.


When using the Screenshot to Layout Figma plugin, you can be asked to create an account. The account is free of charge and is used to track the usage of the plugin.

We store your account data for the purposes of identification and authentication. The data stored includes

General service shutdown

Obra Studio BV reserves the right to remove plugins from Figma community at any time. Paid accounts will be credited prorated to the month where possible.

Account amount restriction

It is explicitly forbidden to create more than 1 (one) account per natural person. If behavior is detected to try and go around the account limits your account(s) will be deleted and no refunds will be made.

Liability and responsibility

Obra Studio BV is not responsible for privacy breaches, data loss, any damages. Using Obra Figma plugins is entirely at your own risk.

The plugin is free until November 17, 2024. Obra Studio BV reserves the right to introduce a paid service after that time.

T&C - Screenshot to Layout

By creating an account and using the Obra Figma plugin “Screenshot to layout”, you agree to these specific terms and conditions concerning the “Screenshot to Layout” plugin.

Screenshot to layout website

There is no analytics tracking on this website.

Screenshot to Layout Figma plugin specific

When using the plugin, a request is made to Microsoft Azure servers. The image data is sent as binary data as part of the request.

Since the binary can be converted back to an image, images can thus potentially be restored from different methods, including but not limited to server logs of the Obra accounts apps, Azure log files, and captured web requests.

As a user, using the service to process images that contain private data is solely at your own risk. Any image sent through the service can technically be seen by the administrators, and if a request is made through an unsecure connection, request data can cause image leaks to the public.

In no way is Obra Studio BV responsible for any data leaks, privacy breaches, or any other damages.

Revision of this policy

Obra studio BV is free to revise this policy at any time.